Here’s the world’s highest outdoor lift

World’s highest outdoor lift

You will see many high elevators attached in large buildings. But have you seen any lift between mountains and forests? G Ha is talking about the world’s tallest outdoor lift which is in China. Bailong Elevator in Hunan Province of China is the world’s highest outdoor lift.

World's highest outdoor lift

It has been planted from the ground to a hill peak and can be taken up to the top of the hill, riding on it, observing the wonderful views of nature. This elevator is more than a thousand feet. This month the Guinness Book of World Records has rated it as the world’s highest outdoor lift. There are three double deck elevators on this lift, and each carrying load capacity is 4900 kg. The surprise is that the lift takes only 1 minute 32 seconds to move from top to bottom.

World’s highest outdoor lift – Time Value News

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