It is called the dead sea but do not sink, here you will want to go! visit dead seas

Visit dead sea,Seeing the waves of the sea, the mind starts to leap into it.But the human being overcomes its when it comes to remember that swim does not come … but the person above has arranged for those who want to swim. They want to play with the waves, and also without life jackets.

Visit dead sea once in a lifetime

Visit dead sea

There is a sea in the name of Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan. The specialty of the sea is that no one can sink in it. The reason is that the water of the sea is so saline that what a person is, pebbles can not even sink in it.

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Visit dead sea

Due to more salt, there is no tree around this ocean. There is a fair festoon of people here due to no fear to sink, people leave.The sea with the family and stay in the water for hours. You will read a newspaper, then someone sits in the arms of the sea and reads favorite novels.

Visit dead sea

Along with much salt, there is also a large amount of mineral sulpher in this ocean. People believe that bathing in Dead Sea cures chronic diseases.

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Who would now like to leave such occasions when there is no fear of drowning. In the water nor the threat of diseases in the water. In addition to Dead Sea, this sea salt is also known as C.So do with Google and make plans to roam …

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