Girls of this village can not be married, know why!

Village girls

Patna. The story of the apathy of the monkeys will be heard on the day you came. But Patna has a village where the monkey is so dangerous that the girls of that village can not even get married. This incident is from Ratanpur in Bhojpur district, about 75 km from Patna, where the terror of the monkeys of the village is not less than the gang of dreaded dacoits.

Girls of this village can not be married, know why – Time Value News

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Even in the village, silence is kept in the daytime. People say that they hide in the village gardens during the day and attack the village in the night silent. In summer, people do not sleep on the roofs due to the monkey’s apprehension. But most worry is for those whose daughters have become worthy of marriage and wherever they go, they feel depressed. The story of the monkey’s horror in the village has become so famous that no one in the area wants to have a relationship with his son.

Village girls

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The terror of monkeys has increased so much that there is no procession in any village due to monkeys. Here the monkeys are so dangerous that they are not afraid of human beings too. The monkey has become so unknown that every way to escape them has failed. People from the village say that the story of Ratanpur village monkeys is so famous that people do not want to make any kind of relationship with this village.
The story of the monkey’s horror in the village became famous when seven years ago the band had taken the bandwagon to Bandwa in the village, the dangerous monkeys of the village attacked the procession and forced the baratas to flee. Then many times the monkeys mobilized terror in the village as soon as they heard the procession and the baratas coming from the second village saw the monkeys terror with their eyes.

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