Never forget these things and do not eat together, otherwise …

Never forget these things and do not eat together. food folks often do some experiments in making meals or eating food, but sometimes these experiments can become fatal for you. So let’s say today we are going to tell you about some of the 5 things that can be eaten together at the risk of your life.

Never forget these things and do not eat together, Otherwise – Time Value News |

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Watermelon and water
Watermelon contains 90 to 95 percent water content, so drinking it after eating can make your digestive juices diluted.

Tea and curd
Often people eat tea and curd together at the earliest times, which can be harmful to your health. Both tea and curd are acidic, consuming both together can harm your digestion.

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Curd and fruit
According to Ayurveda combinations of yogurt and fruits can become a threat to the body. Together, they make an acid in your body that can have a bad effect on your metabolism.

Lemon and milk
If a drop of lemon also falls in the milk, then you have seen many times in it, the exact same condition may also occur in your stomach. Therefore, the combination of these two can be harmful to the stomach.

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Milk and meat
Eat meat with milk can also be fatal, so always avoid it.

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