It is not easy to be a sumo wrestler, What They use for sleeping-oxygen mask!

Looking at the thick and fresh wrestlers on the TV screen, we are less afraid and laugh much. The eyes that catch the nappy and watch the game, actually, it is more than that. The process of becoming a sumo wrestler starts from childhood . They says that until the age of 16, the sumo wrestlers get ready …do not eat enough to eat, yet they are additionally influenced like Sumo to even on the cerebrum. You must not have known such interesting facts about the players playing this national sport in Japan, nor have you ever read them.They use sleeping-oxygen mask.
Every day 10 thousand calories

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Diet of a sumo is very heavy, although it only eats only two times a day, but in the same amount it consumes about 10,000 calories, if you are not stun. Then tell you that an ordinary man take Even if 5 times a day is balance diet, even then they will eat 2000 calories. They need Oxygen is to sleep

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They use sleeping-oxygen mask

By eating dry dry two roti, the sleep will rest, but by eating so much, it is very difficult to digest and sleep. Because of intemperate eating, the Sumo wrestlers begin experiencing difficulty breathing; Alam with the time comes that they need to rest by putting a breathing device while sleeping. If you sleep after seeing the LPG cylinder at home, then the sumo wrestler … sleeps by checking the sleeping-oxygen mask cylinder.
10 years of average age less than common man

sleeping-oxygen mask

There is no difference in the size of ordinary people and samsa bhishahabs, but there is also a big difference in age. After so much eating, they reduce the chances of living are . According to a report, the average age of sumo wrestlers is less than 10 years from the general public.
What do you do apart from eating?

sleeping-oxygen mask

In addition to eating sumo wrestlers, practice 3 hours a day. To create a professional Sumo, he start stardom from his childhood. So, after suddenly becoming a star, they did not want to flutter. Therefore, they give some time in their daily routine to give autographs. Sumo remains in the monastery and it is also necessary for them to take an eight hours sleep under the right knee.

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