Reborn: 4-year-old child remembers everything before 2006

Reborn: 4-year-old child remembers everything before 2006. Life A 4-year-old child has claimed his reincarnation. This claim of rebirth of the child remains a matter of discussion in the vicinity.

Reborn: 4-year-old child remembers everything before 2006 – Time Value News |

Almost 4 years ago in Jallalpur village Jalalpura Kalan, born of Vinod and his wife Manjeet, Luvish is talking about his rebirth. The family of Luvish says that when Lvish was only two and a half years old then Ramra Ramra used to call it, mother used to take Kamala’s name. As it grew bigger, Ramrai started insisting on going to Ramrai. The family suspected that somewhere it is missing the first birth. When the family of Luvish took Laveesh away from Jalalpur Kalan village in this Ramrai village, it was astonished to see that Luvish was telling himself the path of his first birth at birth.

Luvish’s house behind and behind Luvish forward. Luvish reached the house of its first birth due to the streets. Wherever Luvish recognized his first birth place, he also identified the parents of the first birth. Not only this, Lvish has identified his neighbors until they are identified. Lavish reached his fields too. Where he recognized his farm, he reached that place where he had died due to his previous birth.

A family of astrologer lives in Ram Ramayya. There was a son named Jyotipathy Sandeep, Who died on July 26, 2006, due to a deadline. Sandeep was 14 years old at that time and he was in class 11th. When photos of Sandeep were shown to Luvish, he did not delay knowing it and started saying that this photo belongs to his previous birth. Seeing these amazing events of Luvish, the whole village was in surprise. Sandeep’s family was not able to blossom. Sandeep’s family says that he is very happy that his Sandeep was born again in a human vagina. They will now meet Luvish. The family also says that after listening to Luvish, he has become a believer in rebirth. Believe me, why not Sandeep has taken birth again.

On the other hand, the Sarpanch of the village says that what Luvsh is telling the story, it seems that Luvish has been reborn.

It is written in the Bhagwadgita – who died, it is certain to be born

, but the burjugas of the village say that the Gita has written that which is born It is certain that he is certain to die and that who died is sure to be born. Birth life continues and in this sequence, Sandeep seems to have been born as Luvish.

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