Ranbir Kapoor trapped in trouble due to Salman Khan!

Ranbir’s film career has been going through a very difficult period for the last several years … After many, a number of Saawariya films have been beaten up at the box office … Jagga Detector’s recently released movie too bad at the box office This film has not been able to recover its budget till now. As well as playing a lead role in Jagga Detective, Ranbir was also a producer of the film. That is, double jolt with Ranbir is done from Jagga Detective’s Bad Performance. Salman has become energetic because of Ranbir’s problems. Salman Khan’s film Tuliite was also a bihal. Distributors were badly damaged due to tube-light’s bad-performance … Distributors had demanded compensation for Salman from their losses. It is reported that Salman has decided to return nearly Rs 33 crore to Distributures … on

Ranbir Kapoor In Trouble – Time Value News | www.timevaluenews.com

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Ranbir Kapoor In Trouble – Time Value News | www.timevaluenews.com

one side where Salman played his promise to Distributors … On the other hand, on the other side, Ranbir Kapoor, another shadow of trouble, in fact, Ranbir Kapoor had promised in front of the media during the promotion of Jagga Detective that if his film did not earn at the box office. He will also compensate the losses by giving money to Distributures like Salman. Even when he was doing these commitments, Katrina was also sitting beside him. And now they all know that Ranbir’s film Jagga Detective at the box office Not many expected earnings. Now the question is whether Ranbir will also fulfill his promise like Salman, compensate the distributor’s losses.

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