Now Instead Car, the road will blow horn.

Now Instead Cars, the road will blow horn. So far you have heard the sound of a horn on the truck, bike and car. But now it has invented such techniques, which will no longer be heard on the vehicles, but the horn sounding on the streets. But this will not happen because the time has changed. New technology has come to the horn.

Now Instead Cars, the road will blow horn.

This is Technology

You will read the horn please on many trucks. This means that the truck drive asks the horner to play the horn. Now under the new technology, the vehicles will not play the rocks themselves. Yes, HP Lubricants and Leo Bernit signed the agreement to increase security on the highway. Together they have developed a system in which the rocks will play horn itself.

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Test Done

Its test has been tested on the highway connecting Jammu and Kashmir and Srinagar. This is considered the most dangerous highway. Mercury light poles have been installed around the roads. These poles are connected to each other without wire. Whenever the traffic flows here, the alert goes to these poles. These poles get the speed of the vehicle. And alert the driver. According to local police, since the system has been installed, road accidents have decreased. Companies are now considering the nuances of this system. And in other places they are also thinking of applying them.

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