These 5 work are not Allowed in this country of eccentric dictator’s

Eccentric Dictator: These 5 work are not Allowed in this country of eccentric dictator. North Korea seems to be the name taken prisoner type feel. Cute face the dreaded dictator Kim Jong gets red in the face with rage mind to hear those stories. How a person can understand his estate to the country.

These 5 work are not Allowed in this country of eccentric dictator

A country to put down the strange rules in North Korea by the man who understand their heritage some reading one such which you’ll beat your head.

And of course, answer these fad full terms of eccentric dictator Korea reading you take your country to the rule of law being very loving and flexible.

1. It is forbidden to wear blue jeans

Kim Jong bans on wearing jeans North Korea. Logic is very strange … is that it reminds me of jeans blue US Imperialism. But to say that these also say that you can not climb jeans empire here Kim and the ban across the country in the same irritation, limit the brother …

2. Disaster to know if the squid-sarcasm

Amazing Look, Jin Kim Jong is formed Mim worldwide named after them, hanged on to it in their own country.
Not speak against the government

Kim Jong’s government created matter Attai but is not allowed to say anything against the government. If you have to ask the government mistakenly that man rule What has puzzled. Or then refuses to accept the rules, you will not be a single second regret before hanging on the cross.

3. Channel should be indigenous

In our country, the enemies become even stand in favor of artists from the country, the answer is banned to see something different from your country in Korea. Odds are that if you were caught in addition to native items, see something else … then he will be punished to get everything … death!

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4. Alcohol is harmful to your life

In other countries if you drink alcohol your liver-kidney will deteriorate but North Korea if you drink … Kim Jong will spoil them. North wine any day in Korea can drink, it would like to set forth a few days and you will be hung if caught drinking in addition to these days. Please tell your information, the freedom of North Hemp in Korea and drinking hemp.

5. Religion will also determine the government

When hanging on Kim Jong-un hanging on small things are so obvious that there is no question of being liberal to the point of religion. In this country religion will also like the shift between Jong sir, if it something different and thought … do not remember … rope … throat … and damp damp dented!

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