Mother in the age of 72, is having trouble now

Mother in the age of 72, is having trouble now. At the age of 72, Daljeet Kaur, who had the fortune to become a mother with IVF technology, is now facing many problems. On April 19, Daljit Kaur gave birth to a healthy baby, named Armaan Singh.

Mother in the age of 72, is having trouble now – Time Value News |

According to Daljinder Kaur, there was no place for her happiness when she became a mother but now she is facing many problems. For 3 months she is not feeding the baby, due to which Armaan has less length. Daljinder is now upset with blood pressure and joints due to pain. In such a situation, the son could not keep Armaan in good shape. He says that the more I thought than I thought, the more difficult it is. Daljeet Kaur told that now I get tired very soon.

trouble now – Time Value News |

The Child is Getting –

Weaker, he said that he took many medicines from the doctors’ advice, but the problem is the same there. Armaan’s weight is very low, which is the reason for concern. He said that it would be better to increase his weight by eating and drinking. Medicines will not be okay for weight gain. Daljinder told that the reason of handling the child at this age is the reason of concern. It is reported that Daljinder and his 79-year-old husband Mohinder Singh Gill have been receiving children after 46 years of marriage. According to a newspaper report, the desire for the child of Daljinder could be fulfilled due to in vitro fertilization (IVF-test tube) technique.

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