Lord Vishnu found salvation in this place

Lord Vishnu found salvation in this place. Only one country in the whole world is Hindu nation, it is Nepal. There are so many temples in India. Nepal is not far behind in this case. There is a temple in Chung village of Nepal. Which is known by the name of the world as the Chungoarayan Temple.

Lord Vishnu found salvation in this place – Time Value News

There is a legend behind this temple that in ancient times a cowboy used to take Sudarshan to a village called Chung, to feed the cow of Brahmin. The cow used to go under a tree while feeding there. When he came to the house in the evening, the milk of that cow was half. When it happened for a few days, both the shepherd and the Brahmin went to the village behind the cow and found that a child is drinking the cow’s milk.

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After drinking milk, the child went into a tree and hid. Then both of them cut off the tree in anger. When the tree started to bleed out of it, both of them started repenting. They thought that someone’s blood was on their hands. But when Lord Vishnu appeared before them and explained to them that they did not kill anybody Rather they have given freedom from the curse.

After taking that place as holy, he started worshiping the place. Later, in the time of Lichchavi Emperor, King Hari Dutt Verma constructed the temple of Chingunarayan on the top of the high hill. But due to the fire in the forest, it was destroyed. It was rebuilt This temple has been given place in UNESCO World Heritage list.

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