She is living in water from past 24 years ! Reason will shock you !!

You have seen or heard many different types of unique things throughout your life, but you have heard from it earlier that no man or woman has been living in water for the past 20 years. Actually this matter is said to be related to West Bengal. Today, we are going to reveal that why nobody is doing this.

amazing discovery

This whole case is from Katwa region of West

This whole case is from Katwa region of West Bengal, where a woman has been living in water for 20 years, whose name is Paturani. It is said before that the woman lived in Mushir-ud-e-Badabad, but her family members died there, after which she started living in Katwa with her daughter Mithun.

It is said by the daughter of the daughter of Paturani that she ate only once in two months and ate too much due to lack of appetite, which also prevented her from being defeated. Beti says that her mother has a lot of trouble breathing due to which she lives in the water.

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According to the daughter, even after being in water, she does not have any cold or cold, on the matter the government is told that this woman is a mentally ill person, so do those who have treated them properly.

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