Liver fat increases the risk of ‘liver cancer’

new Delhi. The Indian Medical Association says that the number of people suffering from fatty liver is increasing in alarming numbers. If it is not treated during the day, then it increases the risk of liver cancer. According to the report, in every five people in India, there is more fat in one person’s liver. One out of every 10 people has fatty liver disease. This is a big concern for anxiety because there is a great loss of fatty liver due to lack of proper examination and treatment. According to the IMA, 20 percent of people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are at risk of having liver cirrhosis within 20 years.

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Dr. K. K. Agrawal, President of IMA, says that NFLD can become a cause of cirrhosis and sometimes even cryptogenic cirrhosis. People with overweight people can get hipartic injuries every day for a drink, and a drink every day for obese people. Due to NFLD, leprosy is caused by cirrhosis, and in such cases, it often leads to diarrhea.

Disease can end

According to Dr. Agrawal, this disease can be eliminated in the early stages. According to them, the NFLD does not happen due to alcohol, but the situation may worsen if its consumption is high. On the increase of cirrhosis, symptoms such as flute retention, muscular damage, internal haemorrhagic failure, jaundice and liver failure can occur.

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Its symptoms


Weight event

loss of appetite


liver cancer

Trouble thinking

Pain in the liver

There are black colored spots in the neck or next.

Tips for Rescue

To save the fatty liver from the liver

Keep weight tone.

Eat plenty of fruits vegetables.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily

Limit consumption of alcohol.

Take only the necessary medicines and pay attention.

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