This lady doctor stopped the delivery of herself and gave birth to another woman’ child !

Lady doctor stopped delivery

In the Kentucky city of America, a female doctor has presented an unsurpassed example of humanism. The lady doctor named Amanda Hayes was pregnant and was admitted to the hospital for her delivery.
That’s when something happened that put Amanda apart from the queue of ordinary people. The lady doctor recruited herself in the hospital for delivery, secured a second female emergency care in emergency.
According to reports, this incident was on July 23 when Amanda was recruiting for a delivery in a room in the hospital. During this, he heard the voice of a woman shouting from the nearby room. Amanda went to that room when he heard the voice. They saw that due to the child being trapped during the childbirth of the victim, she is struggling with heavy pain.

Lady doctor stopped delivery

Lady doctor stopped delivery

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In view of the seriousness of the environment, Amanda helped the woman and gave birth to the child.
The big deal is that Amanda had come to the hospital for her own delivery and she was wearing a patient’s gown. He was lying on his bed but for the help of the victim, he immediately changed gown and helped the lady without worrying about his delivery. This whole information was given to Doctor and Sabri by issuing a post on Facebook.

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