Journalists job in danger, now robots will work

Journalists job in danger, now robots will work. With the help of techniques in today’s scientific era many difficult tasks are being simplified. Various experiments are being done for this. China has done such a wonderful invention. Here, we have built such robots, which will help in the field of journalism.

Now Robots Will Work

Its capacity

China has recently made a robot journalist, which writes articles of almost 300 words in a second, easily enough without a mistake. This sample is not less than miracle for humans and especially for journalists. The most surprising thing is that the first article of this robot journalist named Xiao Nan is also printed in the Chinese media.

Has appeared in the article

China has just successfully tested the world’s first robot journalist a few days ago. Giving information about the Robo journalist, Chinese scientists said that an article in Guangzhou’s ‘Southern Metropolis Daily’ has been published. Robo wrote about the huge crowd of travelers during the article Vasant Utsav.

Every news can write

The world market for discussions about this robot journalist is hot. There are reports about it that it is capable of writing every kind of news. Let me tell you that this robot journalist does not just write news but also makes a detailed discussion about those stories.

These are the drawbacks

However there are some things that these Robo Journalists can not do like human journalists. Such as identifying news etc. At present, the Robo journalist Xiao Nan can not take anyone’s interview.

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