Three years after her husband’s death, Gave birth to daughter

Three years after her husband death, Gave birth to daughter. In America, a woman has given birth to her daughter after three years of her husband’s death. Actually, the death of Officer Wenjian Liu in the New York Police Department was done in December 2014.

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Three years after her husband’s death, Gave birth to daughter – Time Value News |

He died when he was patrolling the car with his fellow officer Rafael Ramos. They were attacked and ambushed. Both officers died in this attack. Now Liu’s wife Pei Jia Chen gave birth to a girl.

Liu was a big push for the go chain. Liu was not only her husband but also her best friend and hero. So Chen always thought that Liu was with him. Chen said that Liu just gone was 32 years old when he left us. But I always think that he is with us.

Perhaps this was Chen’s belief, due to which she gave birth to Liu’s daughter on Tuesday. Chen gave birth to a beloved daughter in New York’s presbyterian hospital after nearly two and a half years of her death. He named the daughter Angelina. Liu had expressed his wish before he died that his bravery should be preserved, so that Chen could give birth to his child. On Tuesday, Liu’s dream was fulfilled, Chen gave birth to his daughter.

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