Government will give breaks to sex during work

Government will give breaks for sex work. The Swedish government is known to think about the interest of its employees. The government always keeps doing something new to make employees feel comfortable during work. Now the Government of Sweden has come with a unique proposal.

Government will give breaks for sex work – Time Value News |

The proposal is that now employees will be given an hour break between work so that they can have sex with their partner. And they will not cut their money even during that one hour. These proposals have been brought by Overrannia city’s local councilor Per Eric. Eric says that because of the busyness of the modern era, couple can not give time to each other, due to which their relationship gets spoiled.

Eric hopes that if these proposals are passed, the relationship of the couples will be better. Before this, in 2015, Gothenburg’s Gothenburg was working 6 hours for nurses instead of 8.

This plan is part of a two-year pilot scheme. The Swedish government believes employees to work more in less time. They believe that the employees will do a good job. Also, they will be able to spend their private life well.

In government offices, 2 parts were made. Where one group will work 6 hours and another 8 hours. After one year, the result will be seen which team did a good job and took a break. Though 15 years ago it was started by Toyota, a large car company.

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