Facebook will increase advertiser’s hassle. BIG LOSS

Facebook increase advertiser hassle

San Francisco . Facebook periodically launches new features for its users. In such a way, Facebook has now increased the coverage of advertisers. Yes, if users accidentally click on an ad then they will not be charged on which the users have been for less than 2 seconds. This new policy can discourage pop-up and pestering ads appearing on screens.

Brett Vogel, Facebook’s product marketing manager, says, “Inadvertently clicked ads may be beneficial for publishers, but they do not provide great experience for businesses or people. Such unknowingly clicks for advertisers can reduce the value of their campaign. “

Apart from social networking giants, there is a change in total campaign experience. Vogel said, “The company is taking too many steps to reduce the unintentional clicks. For this, other measures will be taken to prevent additional matrix and unknowing users. ”

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