Scientists claim, will never die, this unique eight-legged creature

Scientists claim, will never die, this unique eight legged creature. There are many types of strange creatures found on this earth. Recently scientists have done many shocking disclosures about a new creature. Researchers at Oxford University in the UK have disclosed about the discovery of this organism.

Scientists claim, will never die, this unique eight legged creature – Time Value News |

Researchers say that this thing of the digestion of the creature has proved wrong that everything will be destroyed one day. In the Scientific Reports Journal, the information related to this aquatic creature has been published.

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Scientists have described this aquatic creature as ‘unbelievable’. Anishwar means it is immortal and will live till the end of the earth and the sun. They named it ‘Water Resh’. Scientists told about the characteristics of this organism that it could survive on all known planets of the universe. The most remarkable thing about this water leak is that it can survive for 30 years without eating anything. The strength to bear temperature in this organism is so great that it is 150.

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