These Things Should Never Be Kept In House !

Dont Keep These Things In House – Time Value News

Dont Keep These Things In House – Time Value News

There is lack of money in the house even after earning all the members of the house. This is because money is not available in the house. There are many negative energy in the house, thereby decreasing happiness and peace in the house. In such a way, keep some things in the house which should bring negative energy out of the house and put positive energy. We will tell you that it is better to keep things in the house.

1. Frog

Do not place the frog in kitchen or bathroom. By doing so, you invite misfortune. Keep the three-legged frog with a coin in the mouth around the main gate. Unfortunately, this will not hurt you even around.

2. Laughing Buddha

Place a laughing Buddha in the skew direction around the main gate in the living room. This will increase the happiness prosperity because Buddha is the God of wealth and happiness.


Keep the aquarium in the dining room. Good luck increases with this.

4. Dragon

The Dragon’s added good is a rich symbol of prosperity. Their feet have pearls in pans, which have good energy. Place it on the east side of the house.

5. Turtle

Having a turtle in the house brings happiness and prosperity. Keep it north of the house

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