Wonderful philosophy: Why a devotee of the fort of ‘Garh Pahra’ still wanders in a fort

Why a devotee of the fort of ‘Garh Pahra’ still wanders in a fort. Nut is a cast of juggling in India. It is said that several hundred years ago, in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, the queen here cheated with a natin during a dangerous feat in ‘Garh Pahira Fort’. Natin was killed due to this deception. Nutin’s life was also lost in the dissolution of Natin’s death.

Why a devotee of the fort of ‘Garh Pahra’ still wanders in a fort

A natin, whose soul is still wandering here. The fortified fort considered the people to be a ghost. Here after the evening people do not go alone because of fear.

It’s historic

The people here claim that since then, Nut-Natin’s soul revolves around the fort and palace. According to the story related to Nut and Natin, there was an old king’s rule in some age. The ‘Garh Pahra’, which falls in Bundelkhand, was its capital. During that time there was a lot of discussions about the balancing activities of a nuts and natini in the state and their balance during walking on the rope.

King and Nutin called in the court

The king also expressed his desire to see these feats of nuts. According to the wishes of the old King, the ministers sent a message to the Naths to reach the court. Nut reached Raja’s court with his wife. It is said that Nut’s wife was very beautiful. In the court, the king said, “Your feats in the state are very much appreciated.” I also want to see one of your surprise tricks. If you really did such a feat, then half the kingdom would be given as a reward.

Dangerous ditch to cross the ropes

The old King had told Nut to show the jug, he was very dangerous. Actually, in this feat, a rope was built in the mountains from the high rim of the fort and on the other side. There was a deep and dangerous ditch in the middle road. On this rope, Natin had to reach that cross.

Frightened nuts and nuts

Nut and Natin are confused with this desire of the king. He never did such a dangerous feat before. He could have lost his life in doing this, and if he refused, the old king could have been angry with him. They did not want to annoy the king too. So the nuts gave their assurance for the feat. Immediately on the order of the king, preparations for the feat started.
Nuts had spent the last night in sadness

Why a devotee of the fort of ‘Garh Pahra’ still wanders in a fort

They spent the night singing and singing His voice was reaching the old king’s palace. It is said that the lyrics were ‘a few nights and a few hours …’. According to legend, the son of an old king was keen to kill his father that night. It was the greed of the state’s power. It is also said that the daughter of the troubled king did not want to run away from the palace on the same night, while the same night, the king’s wife was also unhappy with the fact that Nut-Natin would take half of her kingdom by showing her a feat.

After listening to the song of Natin, the king’s son changed his mind. He thought, how old days will the old father survive? However, daughter also changed her mind thinking that like so many days have passed, some more days will pass. In the morning, thousands of people gathered in the state to see this dangerous sport. Nut turned a nagad and started a dangerous game of crossing the ditch on the rope. Natin started walking on the rope with a bamboo stem. According to the legend, while showing the balance of the rug on the rope, Natin had reached halfway in a while. The Queen’s anxieties started growing as soon as she did this.

Rani took the life of Nitin

Seeing the king’s attachment to Natin, the queen thought that she could not marry King Natein. Only then did the queen take a dangerous decision. The rope that was running on the rope, the queen cut it. Nitin died after falling on the rocks below. In Natyen’s disconnection, however, Nut gave up his life in lieu of nagad.

People have seen soul

Why a devotee of the fort of ‘Garh Pahra’ still wanders in a fort

It is said that only a few days after the death of Nat-Nitin, the entire kingdom of the old king was ruined. During the night on the highway adjacent to the fort, many drivers claimed to see a woman strolling. People believe that it is the soul of the same Natin whose life has gone into the queen’s deception. Some people have also claimed to hear the painful song in the night at the fort. Well, it is said in popular fables here that Nut-Natin sings the same sadness every day during the night, which he sang in the night before the feat. However, there is no such written evidence in history, but this has certainly been mentioned in some old media reports.

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