Know what Bhishma had said when he died

Bhishma said when he died

In Mahabharata, when the grandmother was on the bed of Bhishma Banu, Karna went to meet him.

Bhishma said that I have no hatred for you, child, I have spoken harshly to reduce your ego and pride. I feel that you hate the Pandavas for no reason. That’s why I spoke harshly to you

Bhishma said when he died

Bhishma further said that I know about your incredible courage and his immense generosity. You are like a god like you are very few like you are equal to Arjun and Krishna in your capacity.

Powerful and invincible King Jarasand was also not proud of his skill in the war; you can not have any fight in the fight. The anger which I used to do on your behalf was my love for you.

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