Akshay Kumar also made the distance from Kapil Sharma, did not go to Kapil’s show this time!

Akshay Kumar also made the distance from Kapil Sharma, did not go to Kapil’s show this time! It was only a few months ago that any film of Akshay Kumar was released, he would definitely go to Kapil Sharma’s show to promote the film. Kapil would say that Akshay Kumar’s second home is his show. As many years as Akshay’s release, Akshay used to go to his show, but it seems Akshay has now made a distance from Kapil Sharma.

Akshay Kumar’s film Toilet was released a love story. The film is doing a good business at the box office too but Akshay did not promote his film, The Kapil Sharma. Akshay Kumar, who seems to be angry with Kapil Sharma, who has been with Sunil Grover, has also become angry with him. Akshay promoted his film on the stage of every reality show but did not go to Kapil’s show.

Not only Akshay In the last few months, many Bollywood stars have cut Kanni from Kapil SharmaSalman Khan did a show with Sunil Grover and made it clear that he was standing with Sunil in the battle of Kapil Sunil. There was a time when no Bollywood movie used to be released without the promotion at Kapil’s show.

It seems that Bollywood has now begun to distance itself from Kapil Sharma, only then Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor did not go to Kapil’s show to promote their films. Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma did not even appear in Kapil’s show for the promotion of their film, When Harry Mate Sejal. It was told that due to poor health of Kapil.

His shooting was canceled. If seen, these days Kapil’s show has become a dull condition. When Sunil Grover left the show, more than half of the viewers stopped watching the show and got it – Bollywood has done the right thing.

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