Age is 37, Children are 38 ! The biggest reason behind this is…

Age is 37 Children are 38 ! The biggest reason behind this is… ! It was common for a couple to have 6 or 7 children in earlier times. Today, if we hear about such people around then it is very surprising. But if you hear about a woman from Uganda then you will be surprised.

Age is 37 children are 38

Because it is a woman who gave birth to not one two but 38 children. Mariam Nabatangi was married at the age of 13. At the age of 13, he gave birth to his first child. Now 37-year-old Mary has given birth to 38 children.

This lady is saying this

Mary, who lives in Kabimbiri village of Mukono district of Uganda, is known as a machine for all children to be born. Mary has given birth to six times Twins, four times Triplets and Quadruplets three times. Twice he gave birth to a child.

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This is the real reason

According to media reports, Mary says that her father had created a total of 45 children from different women. They had only twins or thieves. According to Dr Charles Kiggundu, his father’s jeans have come within Mary, due to which he has so many children.

Doctors have this opinion

Mary also took opinions about the berth control from the doctors, but the doctors advised her not to do this. Actually, there are so many eggs in Mary’s body that if she does not become a mother, then her life can be in danger. However, according to Dr. Kiggundu, they were given wrong advice and some methods did not hurt them by adopting them.

This is the eldest son’s age

The children of Mary do not even remember the face of their father. She does not support Mary in the care of her children. Mary’s eldest son is 23 years old and she last seen her father when she was 13 years old.

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