92 Pins Drawn from this person’s body, 60 still left

92 Pins Drawn from this person’s body, 60 still left. The news came a few days ago that 56-year-old Badrilal Meena, a resident of Rajasthan, got a PIN in the number of hundreds. Doctors have removed 92 pins from their body but their body has 60 pins so far. You will be surprised to know that in the body of Badri Lal, from the breathing tube to food pipe, artery, skin, stomach, knee and shoulder, the pin was filled in many places.

92 Pins Drawn

92 Pins Drawn – Time Value News – www.timevaluenews.com

Once the doctor was also surprised by seeing such a pin, How could that be? Because of this, he was having difficulty breathing. Seeing the condition of Badri Lal, more than half a dozen hospitals refused to cure. There was a risk of life while extracting the pin. Now doctors have managed to save the life of Badree by taking 92 pins after 7 hours of surgery.

Badri Lal’s surgery was done in Faridabad’s Asian Institute of Medical Science. Cardiovascular surgeon Dr Adil Rizvi says that the throat part is very complicated. Many of its veins convey the connection of the whole body to the brain. There may be a risk of death due to any obstruction in these nerves. The biggest problem was to make the patient unconscious for surgery.

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Many pins were crossing each other in the breathing tube. The anesthesia tube could not be put in the wind pipe. Anisthesia was given in 2 ways. By giving local anesthesia, some pins were removed from the wind pipe. After that, the rest of the pins were removed by giving anesthesia and opening the patient throat surgery.

ENT Expert Doctor LM Parashar said that CT scan and endoscopy revealed that there were more than 150 pins inside the body. Mostly the pin was in the throat. Wind pipe was blocking. For some days, he was having difficulty breathing. They were not able to eat food. Weight was also reduced by 30 kg. On June 24, he was edited for treatment. The second surgery was done on June 29 and on July 2. The doctor said that the remaining pins are not a threat to life. That’s why they left now.

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