On the completion of 75 years of the Quit India Movement, Sonia said on the Sangh that the contribution of these organizations was not in the fight for independence.

Quit India Movement Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi | On August 9, 1942, the Quit India Move movement was launched in the entire country. This was the movement that shook the British crown. During this time the British saved enough to suppress the movement. Many agitators stayed in jail for a long time and many were martyred. Today this movement has been completed for 75 years. A special session is being organized in both houses of Parliament on this occasion.

Quit India Movement Sonia Gandhi

Where the command of the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj will take the same will finance minister introduced Arun Jetli discussed in the Rajya Sabha. Earlier speaking in the Lok Sabha, Congress President Sonia Gandhi targeted the RSS. He said that these organizations have no contribution in the country’s independence. During this time Prime Minister Modi was also present in the House. Before Sonia, Modi appealed the people of the country to form a new India by 2022.

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Participating in the discussion,

Sonia Gandhi said that I pay tribute to all the women and men workers who contributed to the country’s independence. During this, the slogan of do or die has aggravated the entire country. This was the period when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru stayed in jail for a long time. Many Congress workers have died in jail. Along with men, women also took part in this movement.

Sonia stressed on the Sangh that while today we are bowing down to the martyrs who remain in the forefront of the freedom struggle, then we should not forget that there were some organizations and individuals in that period who left India.

Protested the movement

There is no contribution to the freedom of these elements in our country. The anniversary of the Quit India Movement reminds that this idea can not be allowed to become a prisoner of narrow mindset and sectarianism.

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