He Makes Electric Current using an old 500 rupees note

500 rupee current: He Makes Electric Current using an old 500 rupees note. Bhubaneswar On November 8, a boy with a 500 rupees note made out of the challan created a power and created a chaos. A 17-year-old student of Noapada district of Odisha has developed the technique of generating power from the notes of the old 500 rupees.

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Lakhman Dundi of Khariar College surprised everyone by generating 5 volts of electricity from an old note of 500 rupees. According to the English newspaper The Times of India, Lakhman told that used silicon coating on the note to generate energy. They torn the note, so that the coating began to appear, Put him in the sun. Schoolgirl claims that electricity can be generated by connecting this plate with transformer through an electric wire.

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On April 12, the PMO had written a letter to the state government and asked Lakhman Dundi’s claim to test the truth. On May 17, the state government asked the affiliate department to study the project of Lakhman and send a report to the PMO. Lakhman said that I have created a transformer which can store the charge produced from the silicon plate. If the PMO likes this innovation, then it will be a matter of pride for me.

He said, after the monopolization, I tried to find a good way to use the restricted notes, I torn a note and found a silicon plate. From there, I started my research and succeeded in generating electricity. Lakhman said that he took only 15 days to reach the project here.

Lakhman Dundee has shown this project only so far in his college. He told me that when someone ignored the project, I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister. Lakhman is the son of a farmer and helps in running the household expenses by selling bulbs.

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